We have a Xevo TQ-S Triple Quadrupole mass spectrometer that provides very low detection limits in MRM mode.

We have a Waters Acquity UPLC equipped with a quaternary pump, flow-through needle sampler, column manager (switching valves) and a PDA detector. We routinely couple this UPLC to the TQ-S

We have an Agilent 7890 that can be coupled to the TQ-S via an APGC source. This allows for ambient MS of GC separations while exploiting the power of triple quads.

We have a nano spray source for the TQ-S which allows for micro HPLC applications and capillary electrophoresis to be coupled to the MS.

We have a DESI source from Waters (Formerly Prosolia). This can be coupled to the TQ-S.

We have an Agilent 7890 with headspace and liquid samplers which has both FID and SCD detectors installed. The system also has a cryogenic cooling system for sub ambient oven control.